Artist Statement

The tone and subject matter of my photography evolved from growing up in a rural setting where I was encouraged at a young age to closely observe the natural world around me; it's intricacies and temporary explosions of form and color. As an adult I turned this same eye to the urban environments in which I lived – both carefully planned physical culture and the chaos and detritus of the industrial fringe. Since I adopted the earliest available digital cameras in the mid 1990s my interests and techniques have matured with the medium. Early digital images were inherently mysterious and impressionistic. As later cameras yielded more literal results I started to look harder at my environment for unnoticed ephemera and flashes of the sublime. My attitude to my subject matter is neutral, there is no agenda and none of my pictures seek to impart a lesson or drive home a judgement. Mundane and neglected human spaces are examined for traces of beauty in the same manner as organic scenes. The resulting images do not aim for technical excellence. The goal is largely to impart mood, often through the use of color. I hope that each image might leave a feeling in the viewer as if they have been glancing at stills from a forgotten movie or ambiguous snapshots abandoned at a bus stop.


Anthony Hall grew up in Hampshire in Southern England and moved to California in his mid-twenties. He currently resides in San Francisco and has also lived in coastal West Marin. His professional experience with emerging technologies has meant a continual exposure to new and evolving imaging possibilities, each device and process has in turn yielded a new phase in his growth as a photographer. His work aims to cast the same neutral eye upon the natural and man-made world without judging one against the other and in doing so highlight both differences and similarities. His work typically seeks to distill lasting images from simple everyday urban and rural scenes.



2003    Crucible Steel Gallery, San Francisco
            Group Show

2006    Hidden City Cafe, Richmond
            Solo Show

2012     Rayko Gallery, San Francisco
             Student Showcase, Group Show

2013    Rayko Gallery, San Francisco
            Subdued Spaces, Artists Marketplace

2013    Calumet Gallery, San Francisco
            One Shot x 2, BAPC , Group Show

2014    Dickerman Prints / 4X5 Gallery, San Francisco
            Home, Group Show

            Market Gallery, San Francisco
            Ekphrasis by 14 Hills, Group Show

            PHOTO Gallery, Oakland
            Upon Reflection, BAPC, Group Show

2017    Rayko Gallery, San Francisco
            Post-Presence, Group Show




    Stanford Health Care Collection



    Bay Area Photographers Collective Alumni Member

Day Job

Starting 2020 my nine to five (or thereabouts) occupation is as the proprietor of Cloud-hidden Plants in San Francisco. Aside from Photography the cultivation of rare & collectible plants has become my prime preoccupation in recent years. You can learn more about our San Francisco plant store or drop by and visit us in North Beach.